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Sonic Property is the thrilling eclectic, electro, alt-rock project based in London, from the mind of producer and performer Jacob Walters.

Taking inspiration from the energy of such bands as the Prodigy and Metallica mixed in with the songwriting and anthemic power of Kings of Leon, Sonic Property will give you the thrill and energy in the live show with songs that can be enjoyed and listened to at home.
Thinking outside the box Sonic Property looks to the future of what traditional songwriting can become; using the power and atmosphere of electronic, the emotion and grandeur of classical and the rhythmic and melodic diversity seen throughout the world of music.
This year the Sonic Property songwriting train sees no sign of stopping. The new EP “Odd Times” was released in May 2023. There’s been some very odd times for Jacob recently so he wrote an EP centred around the idea of staying as far away from a 4/4 time signature as possible while trying to keep an even time flow.

Displaying a catalogue of ever more eclectic music, each Sonic Property gig comes with its own surprises and distinctive feel, giving the audience a unique show every time.

Turn your venue, club or festival into a Sonic Property.


“He leaps around the stage like a demented rabbit and a Salvador Daliesque Guy Fawkes.” Jerry Jane’s HVM


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